Are you experiencing any of these concerns? 


1. I saw Apex conducted a financial transaction on my behalf (took money out of or put money into my bank account). Why did this happen? 

2. I have an investment account and I need support help, such as changing my password, updating my personal information, changing my address, account support for a deceased individual, child support requests, etc. How can I get help? 

3. I received a tax mailing (tax letter or tax form) from Apex and I have questions or concerns that need to be addressed. 

4. I received a change of address mailing from Apex. Why did I receive this? 

5. I received a different piece of mail from Apex and I'm not sure why I received it or what to do with it. 

6. I've seen something else with Apex's name on it. Who are you and why would I be receiving something from you? 


We get these questions a lot, but due to our "behind-the-scenes" role, we recommend you direct questions about your investment account(s) to the financial services firm where it was opened.


Still interested to learn more about Apex?

We are a clearing and custody provider for other financial services firms, including your financial services provider. Clearing and custody simply means we offer back office solutions, such as processing your money movement requests and trades as well as other transactions. For more information on our firm, please visit this resource

Examples of things we do:

  • Processing your money movement requests
  • Processing trades or other transactions
  • Producing your forms: tax, statements, and confirms 
  • Producing your letters and notifications: change of address and privacy policies
    • We mail the change of address letter to both your new address and your old address. The reason we mail the letter to both addresses is to protect you by ensuring the address change came from you and not a fraudster. 

If you believe you still need help, please fill out the form and a member of our team will reach out as soon as possible.