KEY FINDINGS: Millennials are…

investing in companies rooted in tech, disruption, and innovation.

• Financial services disruptors like Square are considerably more popular than traditional banks, such as Citigroup
• Millennials are betting big on Chinese technology companies

taking the long view with companies they believe in.

• Millennials are in it for the long run, so far unfazed by Tesla's negative headlines and price declines
• They're also maintaining conviction in social media stocks, despite near-term market volatility

establishing unique investment preferences versus previous generations. 

• Compared to earlier generations, millennials are less likely to buy conventional blue-chip stocks that don't seem to fit in with their vision for a socially-responsible future, showing less interest in Exxon and steering dollars toward Nike, for example
• Too-big-to-fail financial companies are considerably less popular with millennials than Baby Boomers, Generation X, or the Greatest Generation




• The Apex Millennial 100 represents the top 100 individual equity holdings in terms of dollar amount held on our books as of September 30, 2018 for investors born between 1982 and 2004
• Based on an analysis of >658,000 accounts and 8,665 total stock holdings
• Average account size: ~$2,600
• Average age of millennial account holder: 30 years, 10 months, 19 days

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